Staatskapelle Berlin


iHeartBerlin & Observism

This year the Staatskapelle Berlin celebrates its 450th anniversary - no other orchestra in Berlin is so closely connected to the city and can look back on such a long history. The film is capturing the unique connection between the musicians of the orchestra and the capital.

In the short film "No World without Music" we see ten musicians of the Staatskapelle Berlin preparing for a concert, but not in the concert hall or the orchestra pit, but in special places in the city.

Director: Claudio Rimmele / Concept & Idea: Claudio Rimmele, Frank Schröder / Creative Producer: Annika Ahrens / DoP: Florian Wurzer / Photography: Frank Schröder / 1st Camera Assistant: Verena Ledig / Editor: Verena Ledig (Conscious Creation Collective)/ Hair & Makeup & Styling: Sandra Fink / Sound-Recording: Marc Reinkober, Matthias Rupp / Sounddesign & Music: Ella Zwietnig / Drone Operator: Stefan Müller / Social Media Footage: Darwin Stapel - Özcakmak / Driver: Rebecca Stumpf, Darwin Stapel - Özcakmak